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Neuroscience is a course of study offered through the Neuroscience Program. It includes one major and one minor.


Neuroscience exists in the same realm as rocket science; you say something isn't it when it's easy. "Yeah, man, I can fix your internet connection. It's not neuroscience."

History at Knox[edit]

A long, long time ago, Knox had no Neuroscience major. In Spring 2004 Knox got paid off (1 million US dollars) by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute to set up a Neuroscience program beginning in the 2005-2006 school year. For some reason, we hired Esther Penick to head up the new department despite the fact that she thinks you can wet a nitrocellulose membrane with methanol when performing a Western blot. LOL. Anyway, it might have something to do with the fact that she's pretty much the most well-published faculty member at Knox (having been published in both Science and Nature).

Grand Heckler[edit]

Students appointed Grand Heckler join a longstanding and important tradition in the department. They are principally responsible for the propagation of the unwritten folklore of Neuroscience, a job that is primarily comprised of consistently heckling and reminding certain teachers and students of simple mistakes, despite their highly-qualified research background. In this way, the Grand Heckler both secures an oral tradition for the department, and propels minor mishaps to the stuff of legend.

2006-2007: Andy Prendergast

Neuroscience Culture[edit]

Knox Neuroscience is the best major at Knox because it involves the following factors--

Smack Talk - It is essential that you be able to make fun of Esther Penick. If Esther is being mean to you or is asking why you did not complete an assignment, try saying, "Methanol," or, "Esther I hear your lab was subsidized by the Fisher Price Company," or, "Electrophysiology? Who cares?" All of these comments will probably send her into apoplexy.

Field Trips - If the past few years are any indication, you get to go to several Neuroscience-related conferences if you just bother Esther and/or Heather about it. Remember -- ethanol isn't just a polar solvent -- it's also a minimally toxic psychoactive compound!

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Course Requirements[edit]

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