Peter Schwartzman

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The Greenest of Green, and when it comes to Scrabble, the Meanest of Mean, Peter Schwartzman is a man you should know and love. The king of the Environmental Studies Department, Peter leads his troops like Patton, rallying them to go out and save the world. Has very cute kids, and at one time in his life had the most potent mustache this side of the Mississippi. However, his computer desktop is a black hole of icons that only make sense to him.

Peter is a huge bigfoot enthusiast. Seriously, he will talk about it for hours.

Scrabble skillz cannot be overstated. He wrote FOUR BOOKS about scrabble. Seriously. Update: He wrote SIX BOOKS. SIX BOOKS ABOUT SCRABBLE.

Peter is also the protagonist of the new comic book, EarthPeter. When introduced to EarthPeter™ and his alien backstory in the comics, he replied with "Oh my god! I actually feel like that!"

He will cry at least once in every course you take with him, but that's why we love him. He's a softie and just wants the world to be kind.

- “If the tropics were gaining heat every day, eventually they would all catch on fire and burn away. *pause* That was a poem, did you catch that?”

- "If you bring your Sling Psychrometer to the party tonight, that's badass."