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A Prospie Party is a party intended to demonstrate to prospective students the gaiety and swell times that are to be had at Knox College. The administration strives to prevent prospective students from having too swell a time; most prospective student days are scheduled for Thursdays, because that tends to be the night current students have to finish 20-page papers and finish massive problem sets. The school tries to prevent high schoolers from visiting Knox on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, which are the nights most students cry "Fuck it!" and down half a handle of Crystal Palace while playing pot pong. The urge to debauch unwitting prospies, however, is impossible to quell entirely.

Notorious Prospie Parties[edit]

Sellew 1 Prospie Party of 2007[edit]

Possibly the first of its kind, the Sellew 1 Prospie Party is the reason that it is now taboo to say "prospie party" near the Admissions Office or around those who work in the Admissions Office. The inhabitants (actual and honorary) of Sellew 1 had joked about hosting a party for the numerous prospective students they were expecting. A host of rowdy underclassmen, armed with vodka and led by David Footle, turned this joke into a reality. The prospies sat in awkward silence for a few minutes until one of the inhabitants burst through the window shouting "It's drinking time!" A party at Sellew 1 began within seconds of the resounding crowd screaming "PROSPIE PARTY!" at the window.

Notable Attendees[edit]

  • Alex Robertson
  • Caitlin Sahm
  • Keegan Siebken
  • Adam Iona
  • Rachel Perez was there for fifteen minutes. After taking a sip of chocolate liqueor and dancing nervously to 50 Cent, she felt overstimulated and retreated to her host's bed, falling asleep and rendering her host incapable of staying in her own room that night.

Conger 1 Prospie Party of 2008[edit]

A few of the organizers and attendees of the previous prospie party organized a similar event the following year, only substituting a game of Set and a deck of playing cards for Vodka. It was kind of fun, but mostly marked by the same awkwardness that plagued the previous party.

Notable Attendees[edit]