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Quiver is the title of Knox's student-run genre magazine. Previously online and not in print, Quiver was originally comprised of three magazines: The Third Level (science-fiction and fantasy), Wynken, Blynken, and Nod (children's literature), and Diminished Capacity (comedy). As of 2013, Quiver is a printed publication.


Quiver came into being at the behest of Robin Metz, who proposed science-fiction and children's literature web-zines to Emalene Clark in Spring 2006.

The first issues of The Third Level and Wynken, Blynken, and Nod were released in Fall 2006, on November 3rd, while Diminished Capacity appeared in Spring 2007. All magazines were named after pieces written by previous alumni: The Third Level was taken from a piece by Jack Finney, Wynken, Blynken, and Nod got its name from a poem by Eugene Field, and Diminished Capacity was named after Sherwood Kiraly's second novel.

Excerpted from Quiver's Vol.6 Fall 2017 Edition:

"The first mention of Gushers used at a Quiver event was on October 13, 2011. It is a day that will live in infamy... The pizza became a metaphor on October 24, 2014."

Between the Spring and Fall 2012, Quiver lost and gained a number of emails, particularly quiver@knox.edu and knoxquiver@gmail.com. Its current email address, created in Fall 2013, is quiversubmissions@gmail.com.

It has several mascots, most recently Fletch the Quiver Dragon and Emmett the Quiver Snail. They might have a comic in Fall 2017...

The question of Spring 2018: is it Erotica and can we accept it.

Submit to Quiver.


Fall 2017[edit]

Spring 2017[edit]

  • Editor-in-Chief: Josh Althoff, Pheobe Billups
  • Head of Author Relations: Tricia Duke
  • Head of Alumni Relations: Jaki Herrmann
  • Social Media Correspondent: Gabi Harris
  • Creative Team: Mia Rousonelos, Alex Kellogg, Evan Berkey, Leontyne Wan
  • Editors Abroad: Sam Mrozek