Umbeck Science-Mathematics Center

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The main (east) entrance to SMC. Photo by Andy Fitz.

The Sharvy G. Umbeck Science-Mathematics Center, usually called "smack," is an ancient labyrinth that doubles as a science building. During his short stay at Knox as a visiting professor of mathematics, Christopher Leisner is noted to have referred to SMC as "the Umbeck building," a descriptor which confused many of his vector calculus students during what is assumed to be the first math test administered in GDH since the construction of SMC.

It contains the SMC library and a lot of SMC rats. The Knox Observatory is on the roof.

Students who study the humanities, arts and social sciences are often confused by the odd layout of SMC. They will wander its corridors for hours futilely looking for the room where someone will fix their laptops for them until, tired and weak, they are subjected to cruel experimentation at the hands of Psychology majors.

"No one shall drive us from the paradise which Sharvy has created for us." -- David Hilbert?