George Davis Hall

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George Davis Hall is usually called GDH, God-Damn Hall or Ge-Duh. It is home to the AnSo department, the Economics department, the Modern Languages department, the radio station, and plenty of others. Most of the school's AnSo classes take place on the third floor of GDH: AnSo majors can therefore be identified by both their hippie/hipster appearances and their rock-hard thighs. Additionally, the third floor is also home to the Education department: Ed majors therefore have rock-hard thighs and have to complete standards.

The carpeting in GDH is composed of a brilliant rainbow of '70's style oranges, browns, and blue-greens.

GDH has also been called the "hall of love" by Political science students. It can also be referred to as the "Love Shack"

The basement of GDH is almost always unlocked and is worth checking out, even if it is creepy as shit. Make sure to go when the building isn't busy.