Sean McKittrick

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The dreaded Rustin Swackhammer

In honorable battle, Sean McKittrick would tan Chuck Norris's sorry hide. He drinks two liters of Mountain Dew every morning. He runs everywhere, sometimes backwards with weights on his feet, and is really nice to everyone.

His theme song is "Wonderboy" by Tenacious D, due to this being his Sigma Nu Pledge name. Another of his alter egos is the pirate Rustin Swackhammer (see picture). Sean may be summoned by standing in the front room of Sigma Nu and yelling "SEAAAAANNN!!!" as loudly as possible, and turning around three times. It costs 500 mana, and if Sean is currently in Sean-topia, he will stand up, announce, "I'm needed!" and run all the way to Sigma Nu.

In addition to his physical fitness regiment, Sean served as Lt. Commander of Sigma Nu, sang in the Knox Choir, and participated in a few Knox Theatre productions.