Seymour 3A

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  "Seymour 3A is inferior to Seymour 3B.  Victims of circumstance!"

The preceding statement is a complete falsehood. Seymour 3A is generally cleaner and more fun than 3B. Though it houses a different population than 3B (namely, intellectuals and musicians, or both: hipsters) the hall knows how to party. Unfortunately, much of the partying in Seymour 3A is of an illicit nature, much of which cannot be mentioned here (shh...a lot of pot gets smoked!)

Also referred to as "Jamaica" circa 2000-2001 (or was that 3B?)

"The Trip"[edit]

Seymour 3A is also home to the only triple suite on the floor, making it the ideal place for partying due to its ridiculous amount of floor space and turrets. Most recently, it has been occupied by Disney boys.