Seymour Library

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Seymour Library

This page is for Seymour Library, not to be confused with the SMC Library or the Music Library.

Seymour Library is awesome.

The basement has a lot of old, amazing books, and old, disgusting used condoms.

There are 10 computers plus laptops to checkout. On the reference computers, you can stare directly in the eyes of someone working on a computer that faces you.


Seymour Library has revised its circulation policies for the 2007-2008 school year. Now patrons can renew materials ONCE online via the library catalog. You use the barcode numbers (don't include the letters) on the back of your Knox ID card. See directions here: How to renew library stuff.

Fines remain the same as they have always been, but now books that are fewer than five days tardy will not be fined at all. On the fifth day, however, a retroactive penalty will be assessed and the book will be charged $.50 for every day it was late and $.50 for each passing day. So, if you turn in a book twelve days late, you owe six dollars. Simple, right? DVDs, VHS have been granted leniency but with a two day grace period; fees will still be a buck per day. Reserves will have an extended 30 minute grace period. Only total assholes will take advantage of this.

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