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The coolest place in the entire universe. Mad chill peeps live/or are honorary residents (pretty much live) there, and many freaky events occur here too.

Ben Boor[edit]

At birth, Ben Boor was genetically engineered to become the world's greatest nerd-wrestler. The laboratory where the genetic experiment was carried out is in Maryland, and proof of this genetic mutation is his enormous body that outgrew his whole family. In fact, the universe that we live in is on Ben Boor's head. Ben is known to cook like an awesome motherfucker, as was shown by Ben's kick-ass guacamole, chobas with yogurt and cilantro, balsamic vinagerette spinach with almonds, ginger mango fruit salad, and every awesome dish you haven't even eaten yet. He will invent. And he'll cook it for you too. Ben is also very well known for his radio show with Willi Goehring, "The Show that Plays Good Music Show."

On Friday, September 28, a large, hungry dragon decided to snack on some unsuspecting Shneifert 4 residents (because Shneifert 4 residents happen to be very tasty). However, the dragon did not expect to meet Ben. Unfortunately for Ben, his trusty, fighting .companions, Edel, Alex, and Sam, were all out of the building at the time. The sneaky dragon slipped through the open window outside of the neifert suite and lunged out at Ben. Ben, having mastered Judo, knew how to use the dragon's momentum against itself and used an amazing muay-thai move that tore out the dragon's shoulder. As the dragon cried out in pain, Ben ran toward the dragon and beheaded it with his left thumb. [[1]]

Edel Vaca[edit]

The Mexican wrestler that brought six bottles of hot sauce. His most notable trait is his laughing, which occurs at the end of every remark. Moreover, the numerous bean burritos he eats allows him to turn his farts into awesome Street Fighters fireballs. Born in the heart of Chicago, Edel grew up in a family of powerful, yet civil and smart, grizzly bears. Although he was the fourth child of six, he still wrestled his way to the top, and he eventually earned the right to wrestle his father.


Shneifert 4 is current filled with crazy bitches who run half-naked around the quads with a gorilla. They have captured the Knox Fox with their charms . On weekends, you can find them being invaded by the first floor drunkies while raving.

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