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Stephen Colbert is going to singlehandedly save this country from self-destruction.

Oh yeah, he was also the Commencement speaker for the Class of 2006. He received an honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts from Knox, and has mentioned Knox on his show constantly since he spoke. He is listed on The Colbert Report credits under the name Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, D.F.A. and has an ongoing skit using his D.F.A. title.

He recently interviewed Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia who received an honorary doctorate at the same Commencement ceremony. They did not, however, mention Knox.

The clips of Stephen mentioning Knox can be watched on the Comedy Central website. He most recently did a follow-up regarding Bill Clinton "riding his coattails" and attempted to burn his honorary degree during the June 11, 2007 episode.

His commencement address can be found on Knox's website.

The "Colbear" is the Knox College Rugby Club's mascot. It is a terrifying mixture between Stephen Colbert and the the godless killing machine known as a bear.