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Stephen Bailey, also known as Steve Bailey was the Associate Dean of the College at Knox College, and a professor of History. He was second-in-command in the Office of Academic Affairs. He administrated the Honor Board, College Honors, and several other academic programs.

He is sometimes referred to as the Crying Dean, because he is the Dean in whose office you are most likely to end up having the predictable stress-related breakdown of your college career. He will usually make it better. He is a wonderful person, and a fantastic listener. However, if you go there without a problem, he will often become more reserved for that meeting, because listening to students' problems is his favorite part of the job. If you are just there to get something done, use another dean.

He received his B.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Chicago and taught German history before becoming a dean.

Dean Bailey's retirement was announced on May 31, 2010, compounding the infuriating Dismantling of the Knox College Administration.


Steve Bailey's office is in the Office of Academic Affairs, in Old Main 105B. He can be reached by telephone at 309-341-7214 or by e-mail at His K-Box is 136.