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The Knox College Student Health Advocacy Group (SHAG) focuses on all aspects of student health. It is a driving force in educating the women and men of Knox College about various health issues with a special focus on sexual health issues such as birth control options and STI prevention, as well as mental health awareness, eating disorder prevention, and nutritional health. SHAG constantly works to increase access to condoms and other safe sex aids, and thus operates a confidential condom hotline. In addition, SHAG is charged with evaluation and recommendation of current and upcoming policy changes regarding student health, including the Health Center.

We at SHAG believe The Health Center should be called the Ellen Vessels Health Center-as she as SHAG president from 06-08(?) made it happen. Also, Ellen Vessels is smokin'.

SHAG Exec Boards[edit]


Condom Hotline[edit]

free condoms delivered to your mailbox confidentially

How it works[edit]

  • Fill out the order form with your mailbox number. Order forms may be found in the mail room or on the SHAG board, which is located next to the door that leads from the ground floor of Seymour to the mail room. In a pinch, just use a scrap of paper. Return the form to box 853.
  • OR call extension x7460 and leave a message indicating your mailbox number and what you'd like.
  • OR email This is not completely anonymous, as we will be able to see your email address.
  • When you run out of condoms, return a new order form to box 853. Deliveries will be made approximately every other week.


  1. When ordering condoms, think about how many you will need for approximately the next two weeks, and when you run out, reorder.
  2. The condom hotline should be a supplementary, not a primary source of condoms. Due to high demand and high cost, we cannot guarantee any given number of items, nor can we guarantee when they will be delivered.
  3. We have non-latex condoms, dental dams, and female condoms. Every delivery comes with instructions on how to use a condom as well as lube. Because non-latex condoms and female condoms are more expensive, please only request them if you really need them (e.g. latex allergy).