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Terpsichore Dance Collective, affectionately known as Terp, is the largest student club on campus. They seek to bring the art of expression through movement to all of Knox. They are dedicated to building a thriving, diverse dance community by creating educational and performance opportunities that foster exploration in the art of moving. Please visit the club's Facebook [1], Instagram [2], and web page [3] to see what Terp is doing!

Terpsichore puts on one formal show each fall and winter term. These shows take place in CFA. People of all skill level are encouraged to audition and many people with little or no dance experience are selected. Anyone can apply to be a choreographer, as long as they have participated in at least one of Terpsichore's shows in the past.

Besides producing 2 formal shows a year and one informal show, which is usually Dancefest in the spring. Dancefest is held in front of Old Main, and provides a fun opportunity to take short movement workshops and showcase a low-key performance outdoors in the beautiful spring weather. Terpsichore also strives to bring at least one residency to campus every year, giving students an opportunity to experience a new style of movement and/or choreography. They also host open classes and hold events such as Paint Palooza and Improv Jams that basically just excuses to get together and enjoy moving.

Finally, Terpsichore annually attends the festivals held by the American College Dance Association (ACDA), which usually takes place near or during Spring Break. Typically 10 dancers are taken and 2 pieces are selected to be performed.

2018-2019 Executive Board[edit]

President: Emily Hagerott - fall & Casey Brayndick - winter/spring
Vice President: Emily Hagerott - Winter & Pam Dang - Spring
Co-Production Manager: Sadie Cheney & Bryanna Martinez
Treasurer: Danny Nunez - fall & Tina Jeon - winter/spring
Public Relations: Clio McCormick
Secretary/Education Chair: Minnie Kang

2017-2018 Executive Board[edit]

President: Emily Hagerott - fall & Claire Cody - winter/spring
Vice President: Elise Goitia
Production Manager: Tatiana Quisquisan-Perez
Assistant Production Managers: Bryanna Martinez & Sadie Cheney
Treasurer: Naomi Morishita - fall & Pam Dang - winter/spring
Public Relations: Cara Chang & Clio McCormick
Secretary/Education Chair: Casey Brayndick

2016-2017 Executive Board[edit]

President: Kirsten Carlson
Vice President: Claire Cody
Secretary: Emily Hagerott
Production Managers: Claire Novick and Tatiana Perez
Treasurer: Pam Dang
Public Relations:' Elise Goitia
Education Chair:' Naomi Morishita
'First Year Member at LargeTaylor Howard (RIP), Casey Brayndick (yes really)

2009-2010 Executive Board[edit]

President: Kate Cochran
Vice President: Emma Poland
Secretary: Erin McKinstry
Production Managers: Karin Rudd & Cassidy Bires
Treasurer: Katie Nellett
Public Relations: Hayley Schueneman & Paloma Romero
Members at Large: Rachel Lyman & Kate LaRose

2008-2009 Executive Board[edit]

President: Kate Cochran
Vice President: Laura Weiss
Secretary: Rayla Bellis
Production Manager: Karin Rudd
Assistant Production Manager: Cassidy Bires
Treasurer: Katie Nellett
Public Relations: Jaimie Eubanks
Member at Large: Erin McKinstry and Emma Poland

2007-2008 Executive Board[edit]

President: Jessica Strache
Vice President/Historian: Natasha Robin
Secretary: Liz McCammon
Production Manager: Megan Hall
Assistant Production Manager: Kim Neer
Treasurer: Bethany Vittetoe
Public Relations: Megan Krenz
Member at Large: Jamie Eubanks