The Kassandriad

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The Kassandriad by N. R. Ivan, Knox alum and incredible playwright, was produced in both Winter 2023 as a part of New Plays Workshop and later as a full production Fall 2023 in Studio Theatre. Both were directed by Kamana'okekai Lattig. Much of the original NPW cast returned to the show in Studio.

Famously, sold out Studio on closing night. Many people will say they loved the show and it made them cry, but didn't really understand what happened. Dare I say, that's art, man.

The play follows Kassandra, of Greek myth, bouncing through time as she would have experienced her life as a fortune teller cursed by Apollo to know the future, but never be believed. It... might be on YouTube (AS LEGALLY UPLOADED BY THE PLAYWRIGHT DON'T WORRY) if you want to find it.

The cast for the Fall 2023 production: Director: Kamana'okekai Lattig Stage Manager: Scott Anderson Kassandra: Hadley Mollman Apollo: Pavel Sadoyan Helen/Klytemnestra: Megan Bogner Agamemnon/Paris: Meridian Lattig Hektor: Ajani Salvary Andromake: Kyra Kellogg Odysseus: Rowan Collins Helenus: Jonas Dodge Hekuba: Daisy Buchanan

The original NPW cast: Director: Kamana'okekai Lattig Kassandra: Tara Irani Apollo: Cole Songster Helen/Klytemnestra: Megan Bogner Agamemnon/Paris: Meridian Lattig Hektor/Odysseus: Hadley Mollman Andromake: Kyra Kellogg Helenus: Saraas Mirani Hekuba/Chorus Leader: Daisy Buchanan