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The Web was conceived in the Caf during Winter Term 2003. The basic concept was that every person at Knox except for virgins and people in self-contained relationships, could be connected to one another through their makeout partners. The first, and perhaps only, physical copy of the Web included 120 people was last seen in the possession of Dan Morgridge. The make-out web based on the same concept was utilized at a party thrown for the sole purpose of its creation on April 25, 2003 in the Hamblin apartment of Claire Leeds, and Cynthia Barounis. The Web was later turned into a party game, where players would sit at a party, point out other attendees at random, and connect them to one another, to everyone's disgust.

The concept of the web was revived by Graham Troyer-Joy and Courtney Meaker in 2004-05 and 2005-06 to include people who were only linked by making out or other awkwardness. However, their web focused mostly on the gay and lesbian community awkwardness and incest (please note: not LITERAL incest), which in some ways far outweighs the straight circle because it's smaller and therefore more prone to, shall we say, sloppy seconds (and thirds...)

Both webs bear some similarity to a web introduced as a plot device in the TV show "The L Word." Too bad we did it first, as the L Word went on the air in 2004. The Honor Board is considering bringing the L Word up on charges of academic dishonesty.