Tim Peebles

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"...shiny happy Peebles holding hands." - R.E.M.

Tim Peebles is an underling of Lord Satan who erupts from Hell when he smells fun and uses the collective angst of eternally tormented souls to create a impenetrable downer-field, thus eliminating all fun in his presence. He is indestructible and ceaselessly vigilant in the execution of his mission, but really he's just giving himself too much credit.

Also known alias include "Drunkle Tim", Tod Pobbles, or "Uncle Tim" no matter his state of intoxication at the time.

Was known to have the best room in all of Seymour, which isn't say much, A extra-large double, that he got as a Single once his old roommate Miles Reisbach left to go be hip. Weird markings and graffiti always would appear around his doorway. Known for frequent all-nighter usage, and shenanigans.

Tim is not as hip as Nick Price but that doesn't stop him from trying.

Always goes a Pobblin' around.