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Knox College Young Democratic Socialists of America (YDSA) is the hottest new club on campus (founded in the fall term of 2018). Members can be identified by the stylish red pins that everyone seems to be wearing.


4:20 on Fridays in Alumni Hall.



Co-Chairs: Soleil Smith, Ty Kiatathikom

Treasury: Patrick Mulchrone

Regional Organizer: Jack Downey

Secretary: Phelix Venters-Sefic

Historian: Otto Bottger

Public Relations: Veronica Sefic


Co-Chairs: Soleil Smith, Ty Kiatathikom, Phelix Venters-Sefic

Treasury: Drake Edmonson

Regional Organizer: Allison LaSalvia

Secretary: Elise Antonette

Historian: Otto Bottger

Public Relations: TBD