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Anything but Clothes is a themed party that first debuted in Winter of 2003 in Drew 3. Anything But Cothes II: The Nudening was held in Fall of 2004 in the Roger Taylor Lounge. An Anything But Clothes (ABC for short) party carries the single requirement that attendees not wear clothes, but rather everyday objects fashioned into wearables. This often results in partial nudity and seeing more dong than most people care to.

The 2005 ABC Party took place in Cn2gr. It was a party famous for circulating buckets of gin and juice with crazy straws to keep students satisfied while they were in line for the fully stocked bar. At least nine people threw up that night.

The 2006 ABC party was held at Sigma Chi.

The 2007 ABC party was held at the Yellow Apartments.

The 2010 ABC party was held at Sigma Chi

Independent vs. Fraternity[edit]

While many considered the past year's ABC party at Sigma Chi a success, others contend that the party should stay within the GDI realm.

Examples of ABC outfits[edit]

  • Taxidermied deer head pants
  • Post-it notes
  • "Cover the uninsured" Stickers
  • Marksmanship merit badge pants
  • Frosting bra
  • Collage comprised of pictures of Dick Cheney. (Get it?)
  • Saran wrap dress
  • Keystone Light Cases for armor
  • Musical score dress
  • Twister mat
  • Leaves
  • Prairie Grass (Which really hurts when you get poked by it)
  • A tool belt from the scene shop
  • Caution tape