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Founded in the Fall of 2004, as Kappa Pi Omega, Sigma Chi[1] is the newest Fraternity at Knox.


Sigma Chi has a strong emphasis on academic excellence, and offers tools to help members achieve their academic goals. Their commitment to scholastic achievement is apparent in their history. They require all of brothers to achieve a minimum GPA of 2.90. Sigma Chi posted a group GPA of 3.2, which was the highest GPA for a Greek organization on campus at the time. They support their academic ambitions by holding study sessions and offering tutoring to help fellow brothers realize their potential.

Well-rounded lifestyle[edit]

They also strongly believe in the importance of a round lifestyle while at Knox, balancing academics with campus involvement, and taking time to relish the opportunities afforded to us by college life. It is the fusion of all these elements that makes for a complete college experience, and provides each member of the organization with a solid foundation upon which to build a successful life.


Sigma Chi is known for nudism, especially at the annual Anything But Clothes party, which was held at a fraternity for the first time in fall 2006. Other popular parties were the Nightshift, Mayhem, Pimpin' 'Round the World, Get Funked Up, Pajamarama, and Jock Jams. The previously mentioned parties have happened less and less in recent years.



Nathan Pierce 2006-2007

Eric Feltes 2007-2008

Sam Jarvis 2008-2009

Derek Hayes 2009-2010

Jimmy Thornton 2010-2011

Andy Glass 2011-2012

Joey Knutson 2012-2013

Jmaw Moses 2013-2014

Oakton Reynolds 2014-2015

Esai Ponce 2015-2016

Pro Consul[edit]

Paul Albertine 2006-2007

Kevin Wickman 2007-2008

Michael Callahan 2008-2009

Eric Ballard 2009-2010

Zak Kahn 2010-2011

Kevin box 2011-2012

Nick Pernice 2012-2013

Joe Rogers 2013-2014

Payton Rose 2014-2015

Gavin Crowell 2015-2016

Risk Manager[edit]

Andy McCoy 2006--2008

Jack Gallalee 2009-2010

Ryan Larson 2010-2011

Nick Pernice 2011-2012

Ryan Hansen 2012-2013


Tim Lee 2008-2009

Oliver Horton 2009-2010

Oliver Horton Peter Walker 2010-2011

Jmaw Moses 2011-2013

Oakton Reynolds 2013-2014

Gavin Crowell 2014-2015

Joe Connors 2015-2016


Sam Jarvis 2007-2008

Derek Hayes 2008-2009

Andy Glass 2009-2010

Sam Frank 2010-2011

Joey Knutson 2011-2012

Nate Beck 2012-2013


Mike Giese 2007-2008

Shane Donegan 2008-2009

Sam Martone 2009-2010

Timmi Schmeling 2010-2011

Jeff Wickman 2011-2012

Sean Nolan 2012-2013

Recruitment Chairman[edit]

Matt Allis 2006-2007

Sam Jarvis 2007-2008

Dave Smith 2008-2009

Zak Kahn 2009-2010

Jevin Lortie 2010-2011

Oliver Horton 2011-2012

Frank Foster-Bolton 2012-2013


Alex Shi 2008-2009

Sam Frank 2009-2010

Sam Martone 2010-2011

Steve Selwa 2011-2012

Frank Foster-Bolton 2012-2013

Social Chair[edit]

Kelby Okada 2008-2009

Joe kozlowicz 2009-2010

Sam Martone 2010-2011

Andrei Papancea 2011-2012

Alex Jandernoa 2012-2013


Zak Kahn 2008-2009

Steve Galdek 2009-2011

Steve Selwa 2011-2012

The Sweetheart[edit]

Audra Boekenhauer 2008-2009

Chelsea De Jonge 2009-2010

Liz Thomas 2010-2011

Haley Beeson 2011-2012

Ruth Amerman 2012-2013

The Spicy Liver[edit]

Josie Dudek 2011-2012


At the time Sigma Chi was founded (then as KPO), the Inter-Fraternity Council opposed their petition. IFC contended that the process for establishing a new fraternity had been subverted and expedited for no reason. IFC also felt that allowing a group largely consisting of first years to establish a new fraternity during Fall Term flew in the face of the long established rule that prevents established fraternities from recruiting first-year men until Winter Term. The Administration disregarded the wishes of IFC and allowed Sigma Chi to proceed.

Sigma Chi's recruitment strategy has also created some controversy. Prior to Sigma Chi's founding, the established Fraternities did not practice "informal" or year-round recruiting, as the IFC bi-laws were read to be essentially forbidding this practice. As such, the other fraternities only pledged new members at the end of the formal Rush period. However, Sigma Chi took advantage of ambiguous language in the IFC bi-laws and began recruiting and pledging members year round. As of 2007, (thanks to one of the founding brothers, Randy Geary '09 who was elected IFC President for the '07-'08 academic year) IFC was working to clarify the rules so that all fraternities would be on a level playing field regarding recruitment.

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