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Most students at Knox (at least to the view of those not in the Knox Bubble). In the past few years, the word (like "random") has been overused to the point where it means "any situation that is remotely confusing or unpleasant."

Awkward Turtle

When something exceedingly awkward happens, it is customary to make the gesture of the awkward turtle. To make an awkward turtle, place your right palm on the back of your left hand, so that your thumbs stick out at opposite angles. Then, rotate your thumbs to mimick a turtle's swimming motion.

Variations on the awkward turtle include the awkward whale (spread hands apart slightly and rotate thumbs slowly; this is used to indicate extreme awkwardness) and the awkward beaver (like the awkward turtle, but fold thumbs inward and bend fingers down slightly to tap on a table or other surface; this is used to indicate general awkwardness, or the presence of mud and twigs handy for building dams.) A less common variation is the awkward starfish, in which one places their palm, fingers spread, up against someone's face. It's awkward.

Townhouse A(wkward)

During the 2005-06 school year, Townhouse A was named Townhouse Awkward or Alpha Tau Houselon by some of its inhabitants.