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Previously and popularly known as the Orange Room, the Based Room is a notoriously-not-too-well-known room where they say many an impromptu party has originated in. Located in the Sigma Nu House, it was dedicated as the "Based Room" in honor of the Based God, for it is DJ P'Dubs' favorite musical artist, and during his and James Wright-Lee's 2011-2012 reign, the Based God would often be heard rumbling throughout the House. The black door of this room does no barring to the late-night spirit that wants to party 'any day of the week.' It is not uncommon at all to walk past the door at some wee hour in the morning to hear some Boddika or other House music from South London booming through the hinges and peephole.

The "Orange" Room[edit]



The orange room may sound like a weird name and calls to mind an obvious question. YES. The room is fucking orange! The walls are painted completely orange (with spatters of white paint all over) and give it a nice, soothing atmosphere. The color takes you back to a house in the middle east as you sit there contemplating.

"Everyone, I mean everyone! is welcome in this room" are the words taken right off the tip of the tongue of Moony, and he means it. A knock on the door, usually after a call for the name and you soon admitted into the sanctum. The room has orange rope lights run around it for some extra calming mood lighting. There are numerous signatures and messages on the wall written by patrons of the room and to earn the right to sign the wall you have to have had a drink in the room. If you do not drink, let them know and they'll hand you a sharpie anyway. The room boasts a 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround sound system that can be blasted to shake the walls and music quality is generally good. The playlist of choice "Feel Good Music" is generally displayed up on the 37" mounted TV that acts as the DJ display. Generally the room tends to get too full too soon and participants and visitors to the Orange Room Experience sometime either have to come back later or squeeze in, but once a seat has been obtained, the experience is fun. There is a couch in the room, it's seats go fast, if you are ever in there and there's an empty spot that hasn't been 'seat checked', TAKE IT.


If you ever attend a Sigma Nu party, make sure you stop by this room at some point in the night. The hosts are hospitable and are always welcoming. Just keep in mind that the room might be full and you may not be able to be accommodated. This place is also the place to be in the event of an after-party to a Sigma Nu party. The Orange Room has given birth to some of it's own parties in the past. Most recently, the jello shot party was reported to be quite a success. The room used to sport a fully stocked bar with resident Chris Johnson generally bar-tending and mixing high-class, high-quality professional drinks. Unfortunately the bar has since been dismantled, but the drinks still keep flowing.

General Rules to keep in mind when you enter

  • The 'seat-check' rule is usually enforced.
  • Music requests are usually welcome.
  • Smoking of cigarettes is totally allowed in the room.
  • Respect everyone in the room.


In the 2009-2010 year Chris Johnson and Muneer Rizvydeen lived there.

In the 2010-2011 year John Ebbers and David Ham fucked shit up.

In the 2011-2012 year Peter White and James Wright-Lee dedicated the room to the Based God.

In 2012-13, Matt Flesher and Michael Moroney reigned.

In 2013-14, Carl Waldhart and Matt Lichty lived here for the first two terms, and then Bill Marion filled in for Matt while he did Green Oaks Term.

In 2014-15, Bruno Povejsil and Alex Hirano live in the room.