Conger 4

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Some say Conger has only 3 floors. To them, the residents of Conger 4 said, "Well yeah, there are, but you just, like, don't get it."

The idea of Conger 4 actually came to be when the founding fathers decided that they could indeed get much higher (Yeezy) than Conger 3. If you don't get it, then you don't get it. Get it?

All hail the Congering heroes! The best Congersations took place in Conger 4. The residents would often Congergate to form Conger lines, but do not take one for some Congerer of cheap tricks!

The "We came, We saw, We Congered" pun belongs to another suite, on another floor, from another time.

On a side note, Conger 4 was the most elegantly furnished suite in all on-campus living, complete with a pleather lazy boy a tweed chair, and a flower embroidered couch that smells like cat piss.

Some say they've seen visions in their legendary polar bear tapestry, considered by many to be the archetype for all modern landscape design.

Conger 4 had four student senators, feared across all of China as the notorious 'Gang of Four'. They are believed to have instigated the Cultural Revolution in 1966 with the help of Chairman Mao, Herman Cain, and a mysterious figure known only as Marxist McGee.

In 2011-12, Conger 4 housed:

Philip Bennett
Connor Dillon
Marcus McGee
Tim O'Neal
Max Glassner
Aleah Meyer
Nora McGinn
Addie Larson
Honor Beeler
Eli Mulhausen
Jamie Ruml
Chairman Taco Meow Who Will Forever Be Missed