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Jamie Ruml was a member of Conger 4 and roommate of Eli Mulhausen in 2011-12. He is a brother of Sigma Nu. Former social chair, current rave master, etc., etc., et al.

He has various grand achievements including four Nobel Peace Prizes and six Medals of Honor (honorary). When he is not being badass, he is sleeping. And when he is sleeping there is still an atmosphere of badass-ary around him. Nicknames include DJ JRums, JRuml, JRums, Saltshaker, Snuggles, Struggles, Taylor Swift, Ryan Fowler Jr., and Dad (not to mention his SN nicknames).

Chickens find him attractive.

In 2012-13, he lived with Andrew Cook in Doctor Lazer's Office of Sigma Nu.

During a trip to London in 2012 with the London Arts Alive class, he formed an Adele/Kelly Clarkson/Justin Bieber cover band with Alyssa Gill.

He continues to impress everyone, especially when he gets really into his roles, such as he did during Rep Term XVI. He played a dog. And was really good at it.

Is an Angry Young Man.

Is also the antonym of thesaurus, or "AntiThesaurus": "On a scale of one to thesaurus, the antonym would have to be whatever is negative ten on that scale..." -Allison Diamond

"This is going counter-clockwise. It's... counter to the way a clock would go." - A Rumlism

In 2013-14, he lived in Dr. Lazer's Office, this time with roommate Robert Turski.

Post Graduation, Jamie now lives in the Midwest and posts delightful instagram selfies.