Elder Basement

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If Furrow is the armpit of campus, then Elder Basement (aka the Bat/Rat Cave) is the campus's taint. Mold grows everywhere. Maybe radon does too, if radon can be said to "grow" (though the chemists among us will note that it does not).


Much like 2008, no one really lives here (there). As no one comes down here, you can do all sorts of miscellaneous activities without alerting the authorities (such as the possible Beerdicking). Occasionally, wafts sneak out under doors. On an unrelated note, there is little flushing, and one can occasionally smell some sort of pleasant burning, and more recently, a muskier smell.

There also live two wonderful Europeans studying broads, who make us all look bad by wearing Armani and go by the names of Remy Baulard and Iliya Nachev. Also living in the basement are;


The Elder Basement is now home to the most awesome people you'll probably never meet. Why? Because it's a frickin' basement, and we're just that awesome. Not like we're hostile or anything. The robot butler might freak you out but he's harmless, really.

Justin Newman
Chris O'Mara
Kishan Soloman
Avi Brongersma
Adam Iona
Jon Kopetz
Jon Pierce-Ruhland
Ben Bowers
Chris Johnson
Muneer Rizvydeen
and Sam Glaser, who totally forgives whoever left him off this list because he's basically invisible.


"The Elder Basement is a place of easy access. From the windows." - Austin Mobley

The Basement is a commune inhabited by superhott stone(d) cold foxes. It is home to many, yet only four really live there.


There are some good things about living there. For instance, it is moderately cool in temperature during Spring Term, and there are art shows, it provides a good amount of privacy since no one wants to go down there, and often smells bad. In its current existence it has been adopted for the purposes of Experimental Art, whose art shows have caused great joy and sorrow.


The following were some of the people who lived in Elder Basement, also known as "The Pit," during this period.

  • Chuck Hare
  • Edmund Greaves
  • Robert Lindauer (3 years)
  • Sterrett Collins (2 years)
  • David Darling
  • David Crowl
  • Jerry "Pimp-Daddy" Evans
  • Laurie Stein