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Our proud heritage.

First-years are NOT FRESHMEN. Don't say Freshmen. Or Freshman. First-years are like freshmen, but when you call them first-years it's more politically correct. Also, it sounds more like Harry Potter. (This may be because of the befuddled state of first-years when they first come to Knox, similar to the first-years at Hogwarts; in other words, "WTF!?")


The term first-year is confusing, however, because it does not refer to all students at Knox College who are at the school for their first year. If a student enters the school with sophomore or higher standing, that student is considered a member of that class and not a first-year. Transfer students are also not considered first-years in their first year at the school.

The term first-year merely operates as a synonym for freshman, but is more confusing.


The college officially used the term first-year in its official documents, literature and on its Web site.

The Knox Student[edit]

The Knox Student, the student newspaper, has recently changed their styleguide to revert to the term "freshman" instead of first-year.