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The Knox Student is the student newspaper of Knox College, founded in 1878. It is not to be confused with The Knox Studnet.

Online edition[edit]

The online edition of TKS launched officially February 28, 2008.

The Knox Student online

The site is being designed from scratch by online editor Matt Baker using entirely open source software. Features will be added regularly.

Print edition[edit]

The Knox Student publishes a weekly print edition every Thursday afternoon while school is in session, as well as a freshman orientation issue at the beginning of the year and a senior issue that takes the place of The Gale - which at one point, was the college's yearbook.

Every student, staff, faculty and trustee receive a free copy of the newspaper. Parents, Alumni and other interested persons may subscribe to The Knox Student by contacting the Business Manager. The price is $60 per year.

The newspaper accepts national and local advertisements. Local ads are placed with the Business Manager. Knox College affiliates automatically receive a discounted rate.

The Knox Student receives funding from the Broadcast, Internet and Publications Board. The budget for 2006-2007 is approximately $14,000. The cost per paper is approximately $0.25 (assuming 2,000 copies are produced).

The Oxford Comma[edit]

It is important to note that TKS stands firmly against anything known as or resembling the Oxford comma. Any Oxford commas attempting to infiltrate the publication office will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. They do not have a Miranda warning.

Editorial Board 2012-2013[edit]

<properties> Editor-In-Chief=Anna Meier Managing Editor=Charlie Gorney News Editors=Matt Barry and Julian Boireau Enterprise Editor=Matt McKinney Mosaic Editors=Paige Anderson and Chelsea Embree Discourse Editor=Samantha Paul Sports Editor=Jackson White and Gavin Crowell Photo Editors=Michelle Orr, Jason Deschamps and Casey Mendoza Graphic Designer=Andrei Papancea Web Editors=John Ebbers and Cody Sehl Business Manager=Hannah Basil </properties>

Editorial Board 2011-2012[edit]

<properties> Editor-In-Chief=John Williams Managing Editor=Sheena Leano News Editors=Anna Meier and Charlie Gorney Mosaic Editors=Katy Sutcliffe and Paige Anderson Discourse Editor=Matt Barry Sports Editors=Matt McKinney and Jackson White Photo Editors=Michelle Orr and Carina Tran Web Editors=John Ebbers and Cody Sehl Business Manager=Kenton Tilford </properties>

Editorial Board 2010-2011[edit]

<properties> Editor-In-Chief=Annie Zak Managing Editor=Liz Thomas News Editors=Anna Meier and Katy Sutcliffe Mosaic Editors=Sheena Leano and Ben Reeves Discourse Editor=Rachel Perez Sports Editors=Colin Davis and Kevin Morris Photo Editors=Erin Daugherty and John Williams Online Editor=Peter Walker Business Manager=Kenton Tilford </properties>

Editorial Board 2009-2010[edit]

<properties> Editor-In-Chief=Laura Miller Managing Editor=Evan Temchin News Editors=Annie Zak and Sarah Colangelo Mosaic Editors=Jenn Lloyd and Ben Reeves Discourse Editor=Rachel Perez Sports Editors=Matt Wheaton and Colin Davis Photo Editors=Liz Thomas and John Williams Online Editor=Eleanor Poley Business Manager=Chanda Wade </properties>

Editorial Board 2008-2009[edit]

<properties> Editor-In-Chief=Deana Rutherford Managing Editor=Amy LaBudde News Editors=Klayr Valentine-Fossum and David Nolan Mosaic Editor=Laura Miller and Annie Zak Discourse Editor=Rachel Perez Sports Editors=Matt Wheaton and Colin Davis Photo Editors=Liz Thomas and Evan Temchin Online Editor=Matt Baker Business Manager=Alex Kemmsies </properties>

Editorial Board 2007-2008[edit]

<properties> Editor-In-Chief=Tom Fucoloro Managing Editor=Tanya Ferguson News Editor=Erin Coleman Mosaic Editors=Deana Rutherford and Erin Warford (fall only) Discourse Editor=Mark Munoz Sports Editors=Ryan Cash and LaVar Merrell (fall only) Photo Editors=John Baillie and Evan Temchin Online Editor=Matt Baker Business Manager=Alex Kemmsies General Editors=Laura Miller, Amy LaBudde </properties>

Editorial Board 2006-2007[edit]

<properties> Editor-In-Chief=Bill Mayeroff Managing Editor=Tom Fucoloro News Editor=Jon Cahow Local Editor=Tanya Ferguson Mosaic Editor=Erin Warford Discourse Editor=Caroline Claiborn Sports Editor=Jesse Temple Photo Editor=Andy Fitz Business Manager=Eric Langston Copy Editor=Amelia Flood </properties>


The current adviser is Tom Martin, editor of The Register-Mail.

Flunk Day Issue 2007[edit]

(main article:Flunk Day Issue 2007)

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Controversy over Quality[edit]

If you have an issue with quality, seriously, talk to the editors. Contrary to popular opinion, they are nice people. Except maybe Evan Temchin.