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Founders Computer Lab is located in Seymour Union, in what used to be a smoking lounge. There are both PC and Mac systems in the lab, as well as printers and a XEROX WCP 90 copier (just make sure to bring your Flex Dollars!). It is open 24 hours a day and there is usually someone there being loud or talking on their cell phone no matter what time it is.


Log-in times[edit]

It takes a really long time to log into the computers in Founders. It's probably best if you type in our username and password, go have a smoke, get a breakfast bagel in the Gizmo and then come back--your computer will then be almost finished logging in. Especially if you try to use the computer with the scanner. This method, however, can lead to the situation of completely forgetting that you logged in at all, allowing pretty much anyone to with your home account, e-mail, and print quota--thus obviating the need for a password to log in at all.

Fast Lane[edit]

In response to student concerns about log in times, Founders has added a row of Fast Lane PCs that do not require a full log in. These computers are meant for printing papers and other tasks that will take fewer than 10 minutes. If you close the window for your home account, it can be annoying to try to get it back. Beware of this.

It is worth noting that when trying to print from the Fast Lane machines, students are required to authenticate to NAS using their email address and their passwords. This ensures that everyone still gets billed for printing. If you want easy access to free printing, go to Seymour Library and use those computers that you don't need to log in to. However, make sure you do it quickly and avoid printing 500 pages at one time, because you might get yelled at by the librarian at the reference desk.

sheets[edit]

See main article at Computer labs

The necessity or usefulness of sign-in sheets has been called into question. You must, however, sign in, otherwise the LAs will go squirrelly on your ass.


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