Breakfast bagel

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The breakfast bagel is the most advanced form of food known to man or woman. You can get breakfast bagels in the Gizmo. They cost $1.40, or $1.85 with a topping.

Veggie sausage controversy[edit]

The ones with veggie sausage are awesome, even if you aren't a vegetarian. Breakfast bagels can also be made with regular sausage. However, because of the circumference of a sausage patty (vegetarian or otherwise) and the relatively large circumference of a bagel, the bagel-to-sausage ratio is unfavorable for this configuration. In the case of the meat sausage, some Gizmo workers will flatten the sausage to increase the circumference of the sausage (if only at expense of its thickness) in order to make it correspond more closely with the circumference of the bagel. This is not possible for veggie sausages, because they are made of soy.

Other toppings[edit]

Graham Troyer-Joy prefers the kind with bacon. In fact, breakfast bagels with bacon are probably the reason Graham Troyer-Joy isn't a vegetarian.

Breakfast bagels can also be made with a variety of other toppings, such as onions, tomato or olives. Try it!