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A hippie/hippy is someone who still believes in things like other people and World Peace. They were thought to be extinct until the Cornmeal concert on the South Lawn of Old Main.

There are many different types of hippies at Knox College.

There are many slightly socially awkward girls that wear long skirts and that enjoy medieval clothing. They may or may not associate with the strange LARP crew or any other people that play Dungeons and Dragons in the lobby of Post. This group may have some association with a new age sort of hippie.

There are also yippies which can be described as wealthy individuals that spend a great deal of money being a hippie. They may be found driving a new car that their parents bought for them, which they adorn with bumper stickers promoting hippie causes. They also may spend a great deal of money buying clothes that look bohemian or free spirited.

Then there are hippies associated with the Art Department, and they will pretty much always look like they just got splattered by some paint. They also often can be associated with hipsters.

Environmental Studies hippies can often be found at Ecohouse, the Free Store, or KARES meetings.

Hippies reputedly smoke large amounts of marijuana despite claiming to care about the environment. They increase global warming.

Hippie can be a relative term; at Knox, a hippie refers to the above. However, depending on where in the US you live, you can be considered a hippie for having voted Democratic or wearing sandals.