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The Gaming information Network, or GiN, is dedicated to promoting individual and social gaming on campus. We specifically cater to console, tabletop, computer, rhythm, card, and board gaming. See our Facebook page for more details.

Major Events[edit]

GIN has three major events per year, one in each trimester. During the Fall Term, the Charity Game-A-Thon raises large amounts of money to benefit children in hospitals and buy them games and toys. Wintereenmas, held during Winter Term, is a weekend filled with video games, Guitar Hero and Magic tournaments, and much more. GiN Con, the spring event, is similar to Wintereenmas, but on a significantly larger scale.

Charity Game-A-Thon[edit]

A weekend-long extravaganza of gaming. As the first major event of the year, this is where GiN gets to show off the influx of shiny, new first-years to the rest of the gaming campus. There is usually a Magic draft which is the major draw for the weekend, but Fall Term 2012 marked the beginning of a new tradition with Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Settlers of Catan tournaments.

Proceeds from Charity Game-A-Thon traditionally are donated to Child's Play, a charity dedicated to improving the lives of children in hospitals through the power of toys and gaming.


The main event of Winter Term usually involves a day or two of (you guessed it) gaming. Normally, one would expect a single holiday to be used as an excuse for a gaming event, but by their powers combined they form the most formidable force this side of Flunk Day. Somehow, we manage to bring in students during the wind and snow just to play games and win cool stuff.

GiN Con[edit]

GiN Con, formerly known as SquirrelCon, has long been the highlight of the gaming year. New games are usually purchased with the remaining year's budget, giving members a second wind before the end of the year. On the Saturday of the event, there is a grill-out between Post Hall and the Quads. Free food is sure to attract huge amounts of gamers (and even some non-members), leaving the grillmaster (usually David Gentry, what will you do without me?) with tons of mouths to feed.

The Legendary Budget Calamity of 2012[edit]

During the budget process of Spring Term 2012, some extenuating circumstances caused a problem with GiN's budget, almost resulting in the mandatory disbanding of the club for the following year. It was decided that GiN would remain a listed club, but would receive a $0 budget for 2012-2013. Through extensive debating with Student Senate and Finance Committee, we were able to push through a successful budget appeal. Not only did this appeal grant us a budget, but also rewarded us for a strong Fall Term, resulting in GiN's highest yearly budget to date thanks to record attendance at our Fall Gaming Mixer.

During Spring 2013, a representative of Fencing Club informed acting President David Gentry of the club's infamy. According to the young woman, almost the entire campus had heard of the fiasco involving hospitalized and/or traveling members of the Board of Directors and a missed budget information session. She was shocked to hear about our alleged $3000 budget appeal, a number which was grossly inflated due to the nature of gossip on the Knox campus. Our triumph over the Knox bureaucracy has proved to be a valuable asset for the future, and will allow GiN to prosper for years to come.

Board of Directors[edit]

The BoD are the group that controls the money, events, and cabinet keys for the club. They're notorious for talking in 1337-speak at meetings, and being among the most awkward and geeky of all members in the club.

Board of Directors (2012-2013)[edit]

<properties> President=David Gentry Vice-President/Secretary=Liz Woodyard Treasurer=Ian Moody Public Relations=Pilar Abitang and Lizzy Tucker</properties> <properties> Card and Board Gaming=Troy Burtin Console Gaming="Chops" Castillo Rhythm Gaming= Finally took a back seat as Rock Band lost popularity due to Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Tabletop Gaming=Kyle Connor PC Gaming=David Gentry </properties>

Board of Directors (2011-2012)[edit]

<properties> President=David Gentry Vice-President/Secretary=David Gentry Treasurer/Public Relations=David Gentry </properties> <properties> Card and Board Gaming=David Gentry Console Gaming=David Gentry and Troy Burtin Rhythm Gaming=David Gentry

Tabletop and PC gaming took a hiatus for a couple years once we lost a few good DMs to the menace of graduation. </properties>

Board of Directors (2009-2010 Season)[edit]

Administrative Officers[edit]

The primary directors of the club, all positions but the Webmaster have voting power in decision-making. <properties> President=Chris Johnson Vice-President/Secretary= Mike Herbert Treasurer/Public Relations=Maggie Winter </properties>

Gaming Directors[edit]

Each is in charge of a single, specialized area of gaming under the GIN blanket. All positions at this level have voting power. <properties> Card and Board Gaming=Ben Bowers Console Gaming=Maggie Winter and Muneer Rizvydeen Rhythm Gaming= Mike Herbert Tabletop Gaming=Wes Gunther PC Gaming=Chris Johnson </properties>

Members at Large[edit]

The grunt class of the BoD, Members at Large have no voting power and typically find themselves moving heavy equipment and acting as personal sex slaves to the higher officers. Still, everyone was one, once upon a time... <properties> Supreme Dictator Emerita=Megan Brady Slacker Extraordinaire=Alex Kayne Card and Board Game Chairwoman Emerita=Corinne Stanley Member-At-Large=Andrew Polk