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North is up.

The Quads are a group of four dormitory buildings at Knox. They form a somewhat misshapen E when viewed from above.

  • The northernmost building is Simonds-Drew-Longden-Griffith Hall, often called "fourname". It runs east-west. Attached to its southeast corner is the Center for Intercultural Life.
  • To the southwest of building is Conger-Neal Hall, which runs North-south and forms the upper backbone of the "E".
  • The middle building is Raub-Sellew Hall.
  • The southernmost building is L-shaped. The North-South aligned section is Campbell-Elder Hall, the East-West aligned section is Sherwin-Neifert Hall, and the corner section is Furrow Hall. These dorms are sometimes collectively referred to as "five names."

The Quads are traditionally plagued with college shenanigans such as Roman candle fights, the Flunk Day mud pit, fires, and more. It's great to live in the quads as a freshman, because you meet a lot of people, but the facilities are kind of nasty.

Quad Lounging[edit]

On warm days, many quad residents can be found lounging on the grass and the picnic bench near the bbq grill. People living in Neifert, Sherwin, Cambell, Elder, Furrow, and Raub can be found chilling out in the sun doing homework or absolutely nothing. While everybody does not partake, the quads can be very sociable if you want them to be. While the facilities really do suck, it is quite nice to walk back to the quads and always find somebody familiar sitting at the picnic bench. The picnic bench has seen many a chain smoking session. It is also a great place to find drunken people as they filter home from parties during warmer weather.