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Post is a residence hall widely regarded as the nicest of the dorms. However, the dorm rooms have the smallest windows on campus and it is the only 4 story dormitory--more is not better with stairs. It has a lobby where the C-Store is located, as well as a big screen TV. The suites have four bathrooms each, all with bathtubs.

Post Hall was referred to "The Virgin Vault" when the entire building was female. Most people have also realized that many first-year girls actually do have sex. Four of the ten suites are co-ed now.


Post Hall is named after Janet Grieg Post. According to legend, Ms. Post donated the money to build Post Hall on the condition that it be an all-female dorm, and that the sororities on campus would never be allowed to operate student residences like the frats. The sororities currently only have bungalows on the SMC-side of campus. Post Hall was desegregated in 2004.

Steam Tunnels[edit]

A maintenance tunnel extends from the basement under Post's lobby (where bikes are stored), south to Four-Name, and opens into the basement storage room in Longden. The tunnel houses steam pipes as well as electrical, telephone, and network cables, and is probably the worst place on campus to have sex.

Fun Facts[edit]

As of October 22, 2018, a gray compost tumbler is waiting for your banana peels near the patio.