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Prepare to cry, everyone does at least once

Housing Lottery is the system set up by Campus Life to house students for the upcoming school year. Housing Lottery is practiced during Spring Term every school year. Students run about weeks before the lottery trying to scramble together a ragtag team of good lottery numbers and bad lottery numbers to possibly get Block Housing. Seniors and Juniors fight over apartments and houses. RA's and those who choose the Theme House route are able to avoid general lottery and the luck of the draw system that occurs.


The Housing Lottery is run on a system of lottery numbers the lowest being the best and the highest being the worst. Most students abhor the housing lottery system and would like to see it abolished for good, but know deep in their hearts that Craig Southern couldn't have it any other way. The system is quite tedious and confusing, and it is essentially the worst possible system, except for all the others.


As of Spring 2009, there will be more categories added to the lottery to prevent AP- and IB-heavy students from getting better housing than a standard junior.