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Jack Finney graduated from Knox in 1934 and wrote many works of science-fiction. His most notable work,The Body Snatchers was published in 1955 and made into a film in 1956. This film was then remade at least three times, in 1978, 1993, and most recently 2007. This last iteration will likely be the farthest from the Finney original, but Nicole Kidman will be in it and now that she's not sleeping with Tom Cruise can be considered sexy again.

Back to Jack Finney. He wrote other works of nominal repute that were not science fiction, including various collections of short stories. One, entitled I love Galesburg in the Springtime is oft quoted (if only the title) when the Galesburg springs are particularly remarkable. Then when it reaches 95 degrees with 95% humidity in late May these reminisces are withdrawn.