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Sex is fun for everyone. Except if you're impotent. And yet there seems to be very little sex going on at Knox for a college of its size. This could be due to the lower-than-average level of attractiveness and the astounding ratio of women to men. But studies conducted by Heather Hoffman indicate that it is actually a result of the Knox awkward effect.

Knox is a small college, so if you have sex often, chances are good that someone you had sex with has had sex with someone who has had sex with someone you've had sex with.

If you are gay, lesbian or bisexual or have had sex with someone who is, you may have had sex with someone who has had sex with someone you've had sex with.

Knox's Sexual Scavenger Hunt[edit]

(do it in these places before you graduate!)

  1. Founders
  2. The Bowl
  3. The Red Room
  4. The Caf
  5. Radio Station
  6. Mailroom
  7. Jail Cells
  8. Harbach Stage
  9. Studio Grid
  10. Alumni Hall
  11. Practice Rooms in CFA
  12. Gizmo Patio
  13. Center for Intercultural Life
  14. Security Golf Cart
  15. Aux Gym
  16. Old Main classrooms, at night
  17. Steam tunnels (any)
  18. The Lincoln Chair (for bonus points)*
  19. The WAC Dark Room
  20. Tennis Court

  • Note: Fucking in the Lincoln Chair may result in the fuckers being haunted by any and all of the ghosts of Lincoln, John Wilkes Booth, Stephen A. Douglas, and countless emancipated slaves. It can be a bit intimidating to fornicate in the Lincoln Chair, because you are taking the place of the many great people who have cum before you, including Lincoln himself