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Possibly the most fun you will ever have at a club meeting.

Club Activities[edit]


  • Held student debates on the steps of Old Main leading up to the presidential election
  • Hosted a professor panel on education reform
  • Attended a Rock the Vote event at Bradley. Deemed Knox cooler.
  • Assisted with campus-wide voter registration drives
  • Helped the County Dems with their election publications
  • Brought congressional candidate Cheri Bustos to campus
  • Started a letter-writing campaign to get Obama to build his presidential library in Galesburg. Dreaming is fun, guys.


  • Hosted professor panels on such varied topics as Iran, resource politics and international development
  • Co-sponsored a documentary with the Knox Food Coalition
  • Brought Greg Aguilar, Cheri Bustos and John Sullivan to campus
  • Continued the glorious West Wing nights, where there was much rejoicing


  • Registered students to vote
  • Assisted with Jeremy Karlin's campaign for alderman
  • Brought State Senator Dave Koehler to campus
  • Raised money to send pizzas to protesters in Wisconsin
  • Gave birth to West Wing nights, full of wings, the West Wing, and glory (predictably)


  • Traveled to Chicago in September for the Change to Win US Labor Conference, with the Big 3 Democratic candidates (Clinton, Edwards, and Obama).
  • Have produced a large number of entertaining and sardonic buttons for sale.
  • Hosted a Voter Registration Concert in the Gizmo, featuring local Knox drum-synth duo James Wetzel and Eric Ratzel, as well as Bloomington psychobilly group, the Abacinators.


  • Worked for Phil Hare for Congress Campaign
  • Registered 100 students and faculty to vote
  • Transported students and other Galesburg residents to polls on 2006 election day
  • Uncovered an election crime at the polls
  • Co-sponsored a socially progressive "egassem cinatas" film series with APA
  • Attended Barack Obama's post-presidential declaration town hall meeting
  • Held a "One Year from Today, Out of Iraq by March 31st 2008" campaign
  • Hosted "The Revolution Starts Now"; a superb party at Snu
  • Funded and initiated the Knox Democrats Anti-Global Warming Orchard, located behind Sigma Nu
  • Met Bill Clinton when the former President spoke at the 2007 Commencement.


The Knox Democrats meet on Thursdays at 8 p.m. in the Gizmo.


Alas, the Knox Democrats momentarily fell out of favor (interestingly enough, at about the same time the real Democrats did). Then Anna Novikova returned to campus, and all was right with the world again. Notable recent activities have included raising money to buy pizza for protesters in Wisconsin, bringing State Senator Dave Koehler to campus, holding debates on the steps of Old Main, and hosting professor panels on topics like Iran and education reform.


Co-Presidents=Paige Lee and Bruce Kovanen Chief of Staff=Anna Meier Director of Communications=Mackenzie Anderson Finance Director=Josh Fishman PR Director=Nils Leitz Field Director=Dylan Gibson(Winter and Spring)


President=Gretta Reed Chief of Staff=Anna Meier Director of Communications=Bruce Kovanen Finance Director=Josh Fishman Field Director=Dylan Gibson Chair of the Inauguration Committee=Katy Sutcliffe (spring 2012)


President=Anna Novikova Vice President=Jim Hanson/Anna Meier Secretary=Gretta Reed Treasurer=Josh Fishman


President=Jim Hanson Vice President=Anna Meier Secretary=Gretta Reed Treasurer=Anna Novikova


President=Alex Kemmsies Vice President of Exterior=Colin Davis Vice President of Interior=Michael Hahn Recorder/Treasurer=Jenny Pederson


President=Elizabeth Coleman Vice President=Alex Kemmsies Secretary=Jenny Pederson Treasurer=Anjali Pattanayak/ Mike Hahn (Interim)


President=Alex Enyart Vice President=Andrew Briggs Secretary=Matt Hundley Treasurer=Elizabeth Coleman