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Hat Mundely excited for prom!

Matt Hundley[edit]

Matt Hundley is a student at Knox College, majoring in English Literature and Theatre. He is planning to graduate with the Class of 2009. He is one of Knox's many students from Colorado. His interests include Shakespeare, radio, directing, and having red hair. He very rarely does his homework, and enjoys playing Guitar Hero instead. Matt is the son of Alex Enyart in Sigma Nu, with Eric Langston as his grandfather.

He's got 9 stitches in his forehead. Ask him why, he loves to tell the story.

It should also be noted that Matt Hundley has a longer wikifire page than Michael Sales.

Matt Hundley is back on campus doing a Post-Bac. It is well-known that the Post-Bac is a cover-up, as he is really only here to show us all how hot he's gotten. I mean, damn. Have you seen him? Shhhhiiiiit.

Activities at Knox[edit]

Sigma Nu[edit]

Matt is the Eminent Commander of Knox's Sigma Nu chapter after serving as Treasurer for the 2007-2008 school year.

Common Ground[edit]

Matt is the President of Common Ground, Knox's GSA, for the 2007-2008 school year. This basically makes him the next Karen Kinderman, except he's a dude and not dating Tom Fucoloro

Knox-Galesburg Symphony[edit]

Since coming to Knox, Matt has been playing Viola in the Knox-Galesburg Symphony. He also plays in the Knox College String Ensemble, and the Knox College String Quartet.


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