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Konrad Hamilton is an associate professor of History. Besides being a member of the History Department, he sits on interdisciplinary program committees for the American Studies Program, Black Studies Program, Environmental Studies Program, and Latin American Studies Program. He received his Ph.D. in U.S. History from Stanford University in 1998. He has been teaching at Knox since 1995.

Konrad Hamilton IS a genius?

He is very wise, so listen to his lectures. He also has a strangely calming demeanor and a voice that will put you into a hypnotic state. He is basically a teddy bear in an Indiana Jones hat.

His racial makeup is half Japanese (maternal)/half black (paternal). If ever Spielberg wished to remake an Indiana Jones movie with Morgan Freeman in the title role, but Mr. Freeman was unavailable, Konrad Hamilton would fill the slot with gusto.

It is a little known fact that Konrad Hamilton is married to Magali Roy-Féquière of the Black Studies Department. He often refers to "my wife" in class, but never acknowledges her identity.

Konrad likes to use folk music and mythology in his study of history. He and Catherine Denial have differing views of Reconstruction after the American Civil War (Konrad's makes more sense).

He often feels the need to explain recent pop culture references that he thinks his students won't understand. For example, he has gone into detail about the Monkees, records, and Michael Jordan.

He likes James Bond movies, listened to heavy metal in the late 1970s, and hates rap music. These are the kinds of things he lets slip about himself randomly during a lecture. It keeps things interesting.

During Black History month, Madame CJ Walker, the first black female millionaire, was called a humanitarian, which Konrad found to be odd, because she made her millions selling hair straightening and skin bleaching products to African-Americans. Because of this, Konrad has predicted that in fifty years Al Capone will be a called a humanitarian too. We'll have to wait and see.