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The History Department is one of eighteen academic departments at Knox. It offers one major and one minor. The department is located in Old Main.

Department Faculty[1][edit]



Cooperating Faculty From Other Programs[edit]


See main page at History.

The department offers one history major and one history minor.

History (major)[edit]

This major allows advanced study in history.

Courses Required for the History major[2][edit]

10 credits:

  • HIST 285 (The Historian's Workshop)
  • Two courses at the 100-level
  • Three courses at the 300-level, at least one of which must be a research course
  • Four electives within the department
  • At least one of the credits must be within Asian, African, or Latin American history
  • Completion of a substantial research paper in a course, Independent Study, or Honors Project

Two credits from outside the department may be counted toward the major with the chair's permission.

History (minor)[edit]

This minor allows for intermediate study in history.

Courses Required for the History minor[3][edit]

5 credits:

  • HIST 285 (The Historian's Workshop)
  • One course at the 100-level
  • One course at the 300-level
  • Two other electives within the department

Meeting the Competency Requirements [4][edit]