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Lo Nuestro is one of the four cultural center organization at Knox College (the others being ABLE, International Club and the various groups that constitute the Human Rights Center). Lo Nuestro was formed in 1990 as a support group for Latino students at the college. The purpose of the organization is to provide a forum for Latino and other students interested in Latino culture. As such, Lo Nuestro is one of the largest campus groups, organizing many events throughout the year with Latino Pride Week, a week-long series of events promoting various aspects of Latino culture. [1]

Casa Latina[edit]

Lo Nuestro also operates the Casa Latina cultural center established in 1994 and made a permanent cultural center in 2001. Casa Latina serves as a place for Lo Nuestro to hold events and forums. It also contains a resource center with books, art, movies, and other items dealing with Latino, Latin American and Spanish culture available for student use. Three students also live in the center and help to organize Lo Nuestro's and their own events. [2]


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