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The Human Rights Center (HRC) is a meeting space for human-rights and social-justice clubs at Knox. It is not to be confused with the Human Rights Campaign. The HRC was established as a cultural center in the late 1990s by Riley Johnson and a number of other students. The building is located next to the Knox Farm and is near SMC.

Human Rights Center Clubs[edit]

HRC clubs include: APA, Common Ground, SASS, SHAG, Amnesty International and Estudiantes sin Fronteras. Former HRC clubs include SETA and the LACC. KARES held meetings in the HRC until Winter term 2006, when they began holding meetings in the Ecohouse, though they are still considered an HRC club.

Nonhuman Residents[edit]

The HRC is quite dilapidated and is home to many rats and previous years, bats, one of which tried to attack Graham Troyer-Joy. Alumni including Josh Ferchau, Adrienne Hill, and Emily Smith have also tangled with HRC bats. Plants and soil from the Knox Farm can be found in the basement and upstairs. The HRC's general state of disrepair is representative of how much the administration actually cares about the clubs. The building may or may not be structurally sound.

Other Information on the HRC[edit]

It is said that the HRC was once the home of Xavier Romano and his family, before Knox College bought the property.

The HRC Task Force is the ruling body over the HRC. Recently (spring term 2018) the leaders of the various HRC clubs have made an attempt to revive the task force.

Some people claim the HRC is a terrorist HQ, since anarchists and anti-Americans meet there and discuss things covered under the first amendment. How ironic.