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Room in Sigma Nu. Located almost directly across from the Rude Room.

Following a failed attempt by Robert Turski to establish the moniker "The Walt Disney Room" during the 2012-13 school year, 2013-2014 residents Matt Sugai and Alex Lieberman successfully christened the room the Lounge. Brother Sugai is adamant that the name is in fact short for the room's true name "The Token Lounge."

It is orange, and has some grafitti. Former home of a rather awesome deer head (that is, if you like the severed head of a dead animal watching you sleep.)

According to Jamie Ruml, it is still called "The Walt Disney Room." Though, seeing as Mr. Ruml has never lived in the room, his opinion is of little merit in the matter.

In 2014-15, Trevor Marshall and Ian Tully live in the room.