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If you are from Missouri, you are a Midwesterner, not a Southerner. So there.

Even though the state has an honorary star on the Confederate flag.


Many Knox students, particularly those from northern states, disagree with the above statement. They note that Missouri was a slave state and that the Missouri Legislature voted to secede during the Civil War. Also, many people in Missouri pronounce the name of the state Missoura. If that isn't a southern thing, I don't know what is.

Missoura vs. Missouri[edit]

There are two different parts to the state of Missouri, and they can be easily divided by how the people pronounce the name of the state.


You are from St. Louis and its closely neighboring areas.


You are either from somewhere that is not St. Louis or you are from St. Louis and are campaigning for a state-level position somewhere that is not St. Louis.

National politicians often give talks in St. Louis where they pronounce the state Missoura. There must be a U.S. politics guidebook that says to always pronounce it that way, but they sound like idiots to the St. Louisans they are addressing.

Students from Missouri[edit]