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This is traditionally first-year housing, and by that token, is a shithole. In 2007, Neifert's glass door was shattered twice by drunk first-years. In 2005 Matt Lawton shattered the window when knocking on it. He got himself cut up pretty bad doing it. In 2003, unknown students ripped a stump out of the ground, and dragged it through each of the above-ground suites, causing $500 in carpet damage.

But the fact that it's on the quad means that there is more than enough opportunity to meet other members of the student body, especially first-years.

"Neifert" kinda sounds like "Knife Fight," making some students wish they could live there to make the building live up to its name.

The Bunker[edit]

The east end of the dorm was known in the past as the Bunker. This place is totally underutilized. It is the perfect place to play hackey sack, or smoke.

The 2007-2008 school year has found Sherwin-Neifert (also known as Shneifert) complete new. Shneifert 4, the top floor is one of the greatest places in the entire world. If you don't believe it, go up there, check it out, and then disagree with this statement.


The Sherwin-Neifert basement contains the only kitchen in the Quads, as well as laundry facilities, the Roger Taylor Lounge, a storage room that is typically locked, and a utility closet that houses the ethernet switches for the dorm. By coincidence, the soda machines in the basement fit perfectly into the doorway to the switch room and are difficult to remove.

There are also two mini-suites, each with only two rooms each. These basement rooms usually do not house first-year students, as they're pretty dark, and pretty cut off from the rest of the building. Due to their construction and location at ground level, these rooms are also some of the quietest rooms on campus.

In 2007, flooding in Sherwin-Neifert basement displaced several students who were living there. They moved into a room in Post 7, and have since found more optimal living arrangements.

In the fall of 2019, a fight club was secretly established in said basement. The members are known to hold these events on Friday nights, but will postpone them if a good enough unregistered party catches their attention.