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Some people think that the Oak Room tastes better than the Hard Knox Cafe. It has oak paneling and Carlyne.

You can use meal swipes in there, and you can take food out of it either in the reusable take-out container (handy if you're tabling) or into the Hard Knox Cafe.

The Oak Room only serves students on weekdays during lunch and dinner (except on Friday night). During weekends, it is commonly rented out or used for various occasions. In the spring, they host proms and weddings here. Which is funny for Knox Students that associate the room with various varieties of fries and grilled sandwiches. In the mornings it is used for the Breakfast Grab-N-Go.


Lunch in the Oak Room can be great, because it is a good quiet place to enjoy a meal. If you want catch a quick meal by yourself in between classes, this is a nice place to go.

Bistro Burger Bar[edit]

The greatest food Knox serves. You are allowed three burgers, but not four. God help you if you try to order four. A bistro burger could also incapacitate you for a few hours. Whether this is good or bad is arguable.

Grilled Bacon Swiss and Chicken[edit]

Can be delicious, but buttery grilled and heavy in your stomach.

Grilled Ham & Cheese[edit]

Grilled Pesto Chicken[edit]

Gyro Bar[edit]

Quite delicious.

Italian Beef Sandwich[edit]

Italian Style Sub[edit]

Philly Steak Sandwich[edit]

Wrap Bar[edit]

One of the main options for your wrap is crab. Don't mix wiith humus. The end result blows.


A really solid oak room meal. Falafel, pitas, and pickles!


Wednesday - Pasta Night[edit]

Kinda like eating a brick, but with your choice of sauces.

Thursday - Breakfast for Dinner[edit]

Thursday night. They usually serve french toast sticks, TOTS, sausage, faux-sausage, and scrambled eggs. There's waffle bar too, which, granted, is often offered in the caf, but everything is more glamourous when eaten here.

Buffalo Chicken Chunks Night[edit]

This is the cajun night. Gumbo is served. There aren't many spicy options at Knox other than cajun night. Buffalo chicken chunks are delicious with ranch.

Kinda Asian Night[edit]

Also known as Fazian Night, short for "Fake Asian."

Some people think that this is by far the worst night. They are wrong. The chicken is probably the best Knox makes, except for like prospies or maybe visiting foreign dignitaries.

However, most agree that it was more wonderful before the teriyaki sauce and egg roll recipes changed.

Nacho Bar[edit]

Nothing quite like nachos to complement your baked potato.

Taco Bar[edit]

There are many varieties of Mexican food at Knox. But when it boils down to it, they all generally involve a tortilla and a great deal of cheese and taco meat.

Taco Salad[edit]

Arguably the best option, provided they're serving quesadillas.