The Phantom Shitter

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Nobody likes the Phantom Shitter.

During 2004-05, they took repeated shits in showers of the third floor bathroom of Seymour between 3A and 3B [1].

In Spring 2006 a Phantom Shitter, which may be the Phantom Shitter, pooped in the urinal of Campbell 3. That shit was gross.

During the Fall Term of 2006, the Phantom Shitter pooped on the sidewalk right outside the front door of Simonds and Elder. The custodians never cleaned it up.

The Elder/Campbell 3 phantom shitter of 2006-2007 was rumored to Alex Visser, who many claimed was the only one they could see pulling shit like that.

During Winter Term 2007 the Phantom Shitter also laid waste to the litter box in The Villa.


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