Seymour Hall

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You may be looking for Seymour Union, the building that houses the mailroom, Founders, and the Campus Life office, among other things. Seymour Hall is in Seymour Union, but they are not the same thing. Seymour Hall is the residential parts of the building on the second and third floors. It is the first residential building on the college campus. Seymour Union is so much more.

Many first-year males live in Seymour Hall. It offers dormitory style living. It is defended by a robot named Seymour Defender, at least, Seymour 2 is. It was officially conquered and destroyed by the Seymour 3 residents, and had some sort of weird cult burial or something. Creepy.

Originally it was built to be an all-female dorm, but the fact that Seymour Union was unlocked 24/7, thus giving people access to Seymour Hall at all times, made the administration worry that boys would go try to have sex with the girls. Now instead the girls go have sex with the boys.