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Brian King: The real Knox College Rumor Mill.

The rumor mill is responsible for the rumors that go flying around Knox, and a fair amount of drama.

Edited as it is by the Knox student body, The Wiki Fire is undoubtedly a contributor to the rumor mill.

Brian King '08 is the living embodiment of the Knox College Rumor mill.

Everyone is guilty of participating in and perpetuating the rumor mill and most use the excuse that it's a small campus with nothing else to do, which is true. Also, one generally likes to participate in the rumor mill until one finds oneself on a not so happy to remember saturday night drinking binge, followed by a not so fun to remember drunken hook-up. However, it "is" a small campus and people move on to a different rumor within a few days (a week, tops) because half the people on this campus do far worse on their saturday night than you do.