Simonds 2

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Inside the common area of Simonds 2. Photo by Charlie Brown

Simonds 2 is a suite of 4 double dorm rooms in the Quads located in the building commonly known as Four-Name. It is usually incorrectly pronounced/spelled by ignorant folk "simm-onds." The correct pronunciation is known by those who can read and see that it is "s-EYE-monds," as in Simons with a bit of a "d" added in. Campus Safety, Campus Life, and the Office of Advancement confirm the proper pronunciation of the name. The decor of Simonds 2 is unmatched by any other residence thanks to the German political posters hung by resident Brian Camozzi and an eclectic menagerie of furniture including a small bar. The sheer quantity of crap in the common area is equally impressive.

2006-2007 Residents[edit]

Though there is some intrinsic awesomeness of the building itself, it is truly those who inhabit it that make it what it is. That said, the 2006-2007 Simonds/Drew 2 is empirically the best ever, and physicists have confirmed that it is likely to remain the best ever.

Notable Quotes[edit]